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We believe that eye glasses are a fundamental need for modern society. Not only do they help you fully enjoy the world, they bring you immense value and make you look great. We want to make it as easy as possible to find the right pair of glasses for you, by offering different styles with various lens types and colors.


You're looking for eye frames that fit your everyday life: stylish, comfortable, and able to handle the toughest of conditions? Look no further than Orient Opticians! We have the best eye protection for everyday life, with quality comfort and flexibility. Our frames are made from flexible material and offer UV protection up to 99 percent. So don't settle for anything less than Orient Opticians!


You can never be too careful with your eyes. Our sunglasses are a must-have for people who are outside in the sun. They protect your vision from damaging UV rays, glare, and blue light from digital screens. Best of all, they look good on you.


Protect yourself from harmful UV rays and be in style with a pair of trendy, powered sunglasses. Say goodbye to harsh UV rays with a pair of our powered, stylish sunglasses. Whether outside for an afternoon or on an airplane for hours, these glasses will protect your eyes. And you'll look good doing it!


Parenting is hard, but looking after your child's vision should be a breeze. Our glasses for kids are designed with the latest in kid-friendly design and ergonomic features to help prevent the need for bifocals or reading glasses down the line. We use high-quality, scratch resistant lenses that are just like mom and dad's, so your kiddos will be able to see better and live better.


Feeling the need for an upgrade to your eyesight? We've got you covered. We offer a wide variety of colors, shapes, and powers to suit your needs. Try our contact lenses today to see clearer, feel more confident in your appearance, and take on the world!


These lenses are ideal for those who need to be able to switch between normal and party wear contact lenses. They're great for those who need to change their contacts often, or have trouble wearing the same type of contacts for long periods of time.


With 2000+ collection of eyeframes choose from a variety of Colours, shape and sizes